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Hi, I’m Karen.

I have lived a life of symptoms that has confounded a multitude of practitioners and doctors, always leaving with no answers.

I want my clients to know I understand their frustration and together we will seek answers.

As a Functional Medicine Practitioner, I use lab testing to gather information and understanding of my client’s state of dysfunction.

Together we create a roadmap to wellness through targeted diet and supplementation that will support and promote your own body’s healing abilities

What Is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is an individualized, science-based approach to healing that focuses on identifying and addressing the root causes of disease.

Understanding that each of us is different, genetically and biochemically.

The practitioner is required to have a detailed understanding of each patient to address the root cause, rather than symptoms, in developing a treatment plan personalized for the individual and not the disease.

This supports our body’s natural ability to heal by targeting the specific manifestation of disease in each individual.

 “A lifestyle,

a journey,

a way to a better you.”

What My Clients Are Saying…

When I first reached out to Karen Ellis for an initial consultation, I was looking for support around improving my digestive wellness which would include refining my food intake and meal planning in alignment with that goal.

I was immediately impressed with Karen’s depth of knowledge and genuine concern around helping me achieve my goals. As we explored what was possible if we worked together, I quickly discovered that her professional expertise far exceeded my expectation … and was exactly what I wanted in a wellness partner.

In the short time we’ve been working together, I’ve been most impressed with her unflinchingly honest yet nurturing insights, encouragement and recommendations. She has inspired me to push through patterns and embrace change that has already created a shift which benefits me in many ways.

After years of basically going it alone to learn and implement what I hoped would work, it’s a relief and a blessing to have Karen’s support on this journey toward healing!

Kathie N

So this summer when things were not smooth sailing, I got in touch with Karen. She suggested some blood work and provided a very thorough review of the findings.

She spent way more time with me explaining the results than any medical doctor ever had. She lovingly, but firmly, suggested a plan which we are working through as my body and mind allows. Although my initial 30 day experience 4 1/2 years ago with the nutritional re-balancing program I coach revealed to me I was negatively impacted by dairy, it wasn’t until Karen gave me the recommendation that I was “ready.” As I say with my coaching clients, “We must be ready to make change.” So I went off dairy this summer.

When I caught a cold around 6 weeks ago it did make it’s way to my lungs causing a CF exacerbation. I went on oral antibiotics and beat it! I hadn’t beat a CF exacerbation with oral antibiotic alone in many years. Usually I have to resort to using IV antibiotics. This is huge because saving the intravenous antibiotics for last resort is the name of the game with CF so I do not become resistant to them all.

Lauren B.

My journey started over three years ago, and it all began with a kiss. I contracted the worst bout of oral herpes imaginable. From that point on, I spiraled into a life without answers. Countless visits to doctors, specialist and health organizations are now all represented by a 3 inch thick, manila folder. I was poked, scoped, pricked, “Drink this”, and “Take that”, to the point doctors threw their hands up.

There came a point where even a glass of water would kick off symptoms. I was always fatigued, brain fog, and had paresthesia tingles around my entire body, plus muscle & joint pain. Eating was simply a drag.

I’m blessed to have crossed paths with Karen, she is an amazing individual. Her relentless rigor, her pursuit to “know & understand”, and a warm heart has brought my life back almost to a normal state. Her knowledge of food & supplement science, combined with pinpoint testing, and lab result interpretation, has almost repaired my entire GI and intestinal system, including strengthening a nonexistent immune system. 

Karen Ellis is the real deal. As a Functional Medicine Practitioner, she is a must see if you’re on a path with no answers and you feel like a number. Thank you Karen, I am grateful and appreciative of all you’ve done for me.

Neil B.

When I first met with Karen I wasn’t feeling well for a long time. Chronic fatigue had me feeling hopeless around food, exercise, and my own well being.

Karen immediately suspected a cooper issue and the blood markers she checked confirmed her suspicions.

She started me on a custom protocol and I noticed a difference within days. She continually worked with me, checking in to make shifts as we went along to optimize my health.

What Karen also gave me was hope – hope that I had lost up to that I had lost up to this point.

She took such great care in working with me. In utilizing her experience and knowledge, Karen was able to develop a custom plan that actually worked for me.

I tell all of my friends who are dealing with gut issues that they need to see her. I am so thankful for Karen and her work!

So thankful!

Michael M

Karen and I began working together, and my life has been drastically changed.
Eating out was a nightmare but part of my life. After every meal, before even calling for the check, my stomach would digest all of the food and I would be headed towards the bathroom.

This is how I lived for 10 plus years. I went to countless drs. that put me on all kinds of antibiotics for SIBO with strict elimination diets that left me with nothing to eat.  I would be great for a week and then get 10x worse.

I reached out to Karen and told her my history.  She did not hesitate with her assessment and explained in detail what might have been going on for me.   She immediately made diet changes and a list of supplements.  

After getting on a new regimen, 29 years of pain, suffering, and making people wait for me, have disappeared.

It’s a strange feeling that the “new normal” for me is not having immediate digestion,”

but I can’t thank Karen enough for fixing my stomach and getting life back on track

through diet, supplements, and her being my biggest champion!  

Forever Grateful! 

Cory A.

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How would you like to feel amazing again?


Learn the importance of “FEEDING” your body the nutrients it needs to thrive!

How would you like to feel amazing again?

Learn the importance of “FEEDING” your body
the nutrients it needs to thrive!


We uncover imbalances in your health, offering a personalized approach

to understanding the underlying cause of your chronic illness.


Together we will create a two-fold wellness approach to diet and lifestyle
that supports your body’s unique needs.


I provide the knowledge, ability, and skills to restore optimal health by creating
your personalized wellness blueprint.