You’re a Clean Food GURU

You’ve got clean eating down to a science and it shows!

You’re a master at meal prep, pretty much always cook whole foods from scratch, and have practically eliminated refined sugars and animal products from your diet.

When your friends have a question about healthy eating, they come to you first. You’re always happy to share your wisdom. And your Vitamix recipes.

So, what’s lacking?

Balance! Pleasure! And a little bit of self-indulgence!

“But at the same time, you want deliciousness, you want a fun life—pleasure! You’re going to have a baguette-and-cheese-and-red-wine frenzy sometimes—but you want it to be a choice you’re awake to: ‘I know this might not make me feel great, but today I’m choosing it anyway’.” — Gwyneth Paltrow

Give yourself permission to relax and indulge every once in a while!

1. Take up dark chocolate! It’s filled with antioxidants and it gives you a natural serotonin boost: winning!

2. Next time you go out for dinner with your besties, order whatever you want! You’ve earned it, friend, and you’ve got the will power not to make it an every day thing.

3. Congratulate yourself on being awesome — and then work on mastering a couple of new, clean, recipes, just to add some variety to your life (hint! I might have a couple of them heading towards your inbox right now…)

Hi! I’m Karen, a functional nutrition specialist and coach for people who want to improve their eating habits.

As a Clean Food Guru, you’ve got the clean-eating knowledge!

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