You’re a Clean Food Noob

You’re at the beginning of your clean food journey. And let me tell you, friend, that’s a great place to be!

Sure, you may be eating out a little bit more than you like — and hitting up the drive-thru slightly more than you should.

But what that means is that all you’ve got to do is make a few small changes in your daily food choices and you’ll start to see huge results in your health and energy!

Keep reading to learn how you can take your clean eating score up a few notches with 3 simple changes.

‘Good habits once established are just as hard to break as are bad habits’ – Robert Puller

Start adding in more brightly colored foods and drinking more water, on the daily!

1. Drink a full glass of room temperature citrus water every morning, before your coffee. This will uplevel your hydration game AND get your digestion started on the right track.

2. Add at least 3 servings of greens into your daily routine. Easy way to do it? Throw some berries, kale, and yogurt into a blender for a green smoothie, wilt some spinach into your pasta sauce, or maybe even order a side salad when you hit up your favorite drive thru.

3. Eat more (and varied) fruit! Go to the grocery store and choose whichever fruits are calling to you (bonus points for different colors!). Then, bring them with you when you leave the house and snack on them first, before you decide to grab a croissant or some french fries to tide you over. This will keep you full, regulate your blood sugar, and seriously amp up your nutritional intake!

Hi! I’m Karen, a functional nutrition specialist and coach for people who want to improve their eating habits.

As a Clean Food Noob, I know the thought of making clean food at home can be scary, so I want make things as easy for you as I can!

That’s why I’ve got three great resources to start you out.

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3. Consider working one on one with me to help you develop a custom clean-eating plan that works for you and your lifestyle.