The incredible connection between weight gain and digestion shouldn’t be ignored. What happens when you eat? Well, first things start in your mouth with chewing (masticating) food before it gets broken down by the combination of heat, enzymes in the food, and in your body,  which results in smaller pieces for better assimilation into our bodies!

The digestive system is a complex place. And while most people don’t realize it, their gut has a lot of influence over overall health and well-being in more ways than they can imagine! Gastrointestinal (GI) bacteria play an integral role when breaking down food into usable nutrients for our 100 trillion cells throughout our body’s organs–including those found within the brain itself! Imagine if this process was not happening or taking too long because you didn’t have enough good bugs present?  But what happens when there are too many unfriendly or bad types? They consume these same nutrients instead; producing toxins that affect health – contributing to

  • poor cognitive ability,
  •  low energy,
  •  hormone irregularities,
  •  immune dysfunction,
  •  constipation,
  •  Indigestion, Gas & Bloating
  •  Diarrhea

Healthful bacteria are your best friend. They help you recover from illness and maintain a healthy lifestyle! Unfortunately, some people don’t realize that their bodies can become colonized with unfriendly kinds of microorganisms which make it hard for the good ones to reclaim territory – often causing the person to resort to a round of antibiotics to kill off the bad strains which complicate the delicate balance even more. 

When the body’s organs become damaged, it stores toxins in fat cells to be metabolized later. Unfortunately without intervention via lifestyle change or dietary changes you may find yourself struggling with weight management as your metabolism decreases and insulin resistance increases leading to obesity which can lead to many problems such as diabetes.

The act of reclaiming your inner terrain is not always easy, but it’s worth every second.

RECLAIMING YOUR INNER TERRAIN takes time and patience and the right pre and probiotics to repopulate your gut.