You might not think about it, but your gut health is very important to your overall health. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that their digestive system is home to trillions of bacteria until they experience some kind of intestinal issues like colitis or irritable bowel syndrome. Health problems aside, the population of bacteria in our guts also plays a big role in how well we digest food and absorb nutrients from what we eat.

Did you know that over the course of a lifetime, approximately 100 tons (20000 lbs) of food passes along your digestive system?  Did you also know it’s 30 feet long has an area larger than most football fields! With cell, lining renewed every four days this super accurate mechanism for transforming nutrients to energy efficiency is truly remarkable. However, there are some key elements in our diet that can improve digestion making weight loss easier.

Your digestive system operates with an elaborate system of chemical reactions controlled by ENZYMES and BACTERIA. Bacteria are the king of your colon! And if you frequently experience constipation, rapid weight gain during periods of stress or acid reflux (which can be a sign that there’s an imbalance in friendly bacteria), then it’s possible these problems have been caused due to too few flora present for healthy digestion process – not enough friendlies at work here? We’ve got 400 different types some of which are good guys who live off waste products from other organisms such as viruses, yeast cells — even tumor cells under certain conditions!

The bacteria in your gut are important for keeping you healthy. They can be categorized as follows: 10% Good (friendly) 10% Bad & 80 percent Opportunist, so long as there’s plenty of friendly to keep them under control – but changes like diet or stress levels may upset the balance and make it difficult to stay well adjusted! Hydration (your water intake) is crucial too; if dehydrated then nasty unfriendly opportunists bacteria may take over leading onto illness symptoms such as a poor immune system response.

Antibiotics – The Double-Edged Sword

One of the greatest inventions in medical history was the development of antibiotics. These miracle drugs not only saved people’s lives but also had an amazing effect on population growth rates around the world by curing infections that would have been inevitably fatal before our modern era.  Prior to their introduction into medicine, millions were dying off due to infectious diseases; however, these days antibiotics are readily available, but there has arguably never BEEN greater danger associated with them than when overused.  Antibiotics are being overused, resulting in the destruction of both good and bad bacteria. This leads to a dependency on them as well as two distinct problems: antibiotic resistance which can be seen when you wipe out all your body’s natural function with antibiotics; along with imbalances within one’s intestines due to wiping out too much healthy flora leaving behind pathogenic strains that cause disease-causing infections.  Although necessary in certain situations, it is crucial to have balance in your gut.