Coffee – the elixir of my life. I love everything about it, from drinking cup after hot cup full to smelling the beans before they are ground up and boiling water slowly poured over; stirring  in cream until it turns into a beautiful golden amber…there is nothing better than that first sip.


Coffee has many pros and cons. For one thing, coffee can be good for your health.  It has been linked to reduced risk of diabetes and Parkinson’s disease. Coffee also tastes great – who doesn’t love waking up on every morning with their favorite blend?   However, those sleepless nights and that unrecognizable, inflamed, puffy morning face might actually have something to do with coffee.


I’m one of those people who does not drink coffee as much anymore, but I used to be addicted!  My addiction started at the age of 30 and continued for years until I realized that drinking it every day was making me feel terrible overall – so I stopped cold turkey (literally). I am sharing my story because I am sure there are more people that are just like me and don’t even know it.


If you suffer from acid reflux, anxiety, insomnia, accelerated aging, bags under the eyes, high blood pressure, or heart palpitations, your caffeine consumption can definitely be a factor in these symptoms.

The point I am trying to make is that if you are addicted to coffee, it’s time for a change. I recommend starting by cutting back on how much caffeine you consume and gradually weaning yourself off. You won’t feel any worse than before; in fact, most people experience an immediate sense of relief when they stop drinking as many cups per day or year!

You know most clients come to me with a lot of gut issues and food sensitivities and one thing I always have them do first is give up coffee because let’s face it: there isn’t anyone who likes giving up something they like- but those things are usually what needs to be given up the MOST! And so far out of all my clients I’ve never had one person say “OMG, I gave up coffee and I feel worse!”

We’re all guilty of drinking coffee to boost our energy levels, but after a few weeks or months, we start feeling like the caffeine is making us more tired especially that afternoon slump. The good news is that there are some natural ways to increase your energy without relying on stimulants. If you want help quitting coffee for good and starting fresh with healthier habits, let me know- I’m happy to talk through it one-on-one!


"I have lived a life of symptoms that has confounded a multitude of practitioners and doctors, always leaving with no answers.

I want my clients to know I understand their frustration and together we will seek answers.”

I’m Karen, a Functional Nutrition Specialist based in CT

I have worked with many people that sought guidance in the health arena.

And Now?

I’m YOUR body’s tour guide!

Are you ready to feel great again?

I help YOU understand your body’s language.

No more Googling symptoms trying to figure out what is wrong with you.  It’s time to end cookie-cutter diets and countless supplements that don’t work.

What if you had more confidence, felt more powerful, and finally felt like you had control over food, your body, and your life?

Go to that party and dance the night away in full confidence knowing that you will not clear the dance floor!

Find out through blood work analysis and a tailored effective elimination diet what your body really needs to heal.


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